True Wireless Stereo Earbuds


Experience the world with BY-AP1

With double earbuds weight under 5g, the BOYA BY-AP1 is your most compact and comfortable True Wireless earbuds. You can select the most suitable earplug for yourself from 2 different sizes in the packaging, and start a enjoyful moment of music whenever you are in sports, traveling or staying alone with yourself.

Comfortable Wearing

Designed to best compatible with your ear structure, and avoid falling off accidentally in movements.

Type-C Charging

The BY-AP1 owns a 6 hour battery life and it’s charged by an included charging case. All together it offers you up to 22 hours playing time, which long enough for you to travel all day long with music’s accompany.

Portable Size

When you go outside with light packs, BY-AP1 will be your favorite tool because it’s designed with super lightweight and compact size for putting in your back pocket.

Excellent Features

How does BY-AP1 satisfies your purchase.

Bluetooth V5.0

High-quality music playing

Clear calls

Ultra-low latency

Smart touch operation

Single/double ear mode switchable.

6 hours+16 hours playing time

Affordable price


Turn on and Turn off

①Automatically: left/right earbuds will automatically turn on after removed from charging case, and automatically turn off after been placed back.

②Manually: Long press left/right earbuds for 2.5s to turn on each left/right earbuds separately. With device paired, long press left/right earbuds for 8s to turn off each left/right earbuds separately, otherwise both left/right earbuds will turn off together.


①Double earbuds mode: left/right earbuds will automatically pair to each other after both turned on, and flash every 0.5s until bluetooth device is connected. Turn on bluetooth function of your devcie and connect the name “BY-AP1”.

②Single earbud mode: turn on either left or right earbud and wait until blue light flashes every 0.5s. Turn on bluetooth function of your devcie and connect the name “BY-AP1”.

③Reconnect: the earbuds will automatically connect with the last connected device, after turned on again.

Product Parameters

 Bluetooth Name BY-AP1
 Bluetooth Version V5.0
 Frequency Range 20HZ-20kHZ
 Bluetooth Distance

 Earbuds Battery 50mAh*2
 Charging Case Battery  400mAh
 Charging Input DC5V/1A
 Music Play Time

 ≈6 hours(Earbuds)(70%Volume)

 ≈16 hours(Charging case)

 Charging Time

 ≈1 hours(Earbuds)

 ≈1 hours(Charging case)

 Bluetooth Profile HSP/HFP/A2DP/AVRCP
 Weight 5g(Earbuds),32g(Charging case)

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Q:The earbuds cannot turn on automatically?

A:①check if the charging case has power

②check if the earbuds are low powered

③check if the earbuds can be turned on manually

Q:Bluetooth signal is not stable?

A:①check if there's big electromagnetic interference surrounded

②check if the earbuds are too far from device

③restart the phone,to prevent the problem of mobile phone signal instability

④Turn off the wifi and try again

Q:How to tell if the earbuds are fully charged?

A:①The earbuds charging time are about 1 hour

②Whence fully charged, the earbuds blue light will steady for 7s and then turn off

Q:The earbuds cannot be charged?

A:①Make sure the earbuds charging contacts are clean

②Whether the earbuds are placed in the charging case

③Whether the charging case has sufficient power

Q:Can I adjust the earbuds volume?

A:①Long press the right earbud for 1.5s to increase volume long press left earbud for 1.5s to decrease volume

②When you adjust the volume,most Android phone won't display the change, you need to feel the volume change yourself(There's 15 grades volume in total)

Q:How to connect earbuds with device?

A:①Turn on the earbuds and wait until blue indicator lights flash every 0.5s the earbuds us pending for connection

②Turn on bluetooth funtion from your device and connect bluetooth named"BY-AP1"

Q:No sound from the earbuds

A:①Check if the earbuds are connected to the mobile phone,and whether the media audio is selected

②check if the earbuds volume is adjusted to the mute state

③Check if there's big electromagnetic interference surrounded or if the earbuds are too far from device

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